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An Introduction to Percy Gutteridge

P.H.P. (“Percy”) Gutteridge

Rev. P.H.P. (“Percy”) Gutteridge


One is tempted to write of P.H.P. (“Percy”) Gutteridge, “There was a teacher sent from God whose name was Percy Gutteridge.”  Scripturally, it is true that such teachers are gifts of the Lord Jesus to His Church (Ephesians 4:11).  But anyone who sat under and was influenced by Pastor Gutteridge’s teaching and preaching, especially during the last thirty years of his long and productive life, would be hard-pressed to disagree.  His was the gift of inspired, intelligent, deeply spiritual, and yet simple, unfolding of the deep truths of God from the Holy Scriptures.  Finest of the Wheat is blessed to be the web’s repository of his teaching.

We present our readers with four pages of Percy’s story and ministry:

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  • The Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ: an eleven-part overview of the Book of Revelation (2014)

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