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Prayer, God’s Gift: Percy Gutteridge

Prayer, God’s Gift
an Audio Bible-Teaching Message

Percy Gutteridge

Prayer is one of the greatest gifts that God ever gave to this world and the most neglected
one. “Lord, teach us to pray” is a seldom used request today.  We answer
questions asked by thoughtful people in the Church or on the fringe of it; such as, “If
God knows everything and loves us, why should we need to ask him for or about anything?”
and “Why are so many prayers not answered, many of which are made by good

A theological knowledge of prayer is not sufficient; Jesus said, “God has hidden these
things from the wise and prudent and revealed them unto babes.”  Spiritual
understanding comes only with the gift of the indwelling Holy Spirit and by complete obedience
to Him.  We add a caution.  Tagging the name of “Jesus” to prayer does not
bring an answer.  That name is not a formula; an “Open Sesame” whereby God must
unlock the gate of Heaven and pour out blessing.  The persons asking must be living in
Jesus and Jesus in them and then the Lord’s infallible promises will operate.


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