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“Faith Is Substance” by Percy Gutteridge: Foreword by Dr. Robert C. Frost

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Original cover of the book 'Faith Is Substance' by Percy GutteridgeOriginal cover of Faith Is Substance

Behind every book there is a life. The quality of that life determines the validity and vitality of the message presented! Only as the truth has first been translated into the breath and life of the writer can his pen become the instrument of power which will release the life of the reader for God’s glory. This is particularly true as it relates to the grand and glorious theme of faith. This is not a topic for the novice, for its streams run deep and can only be reached by paying a price. Only men whose faith has been fire-tested in the crucible of experience have earned the right to share this treasure with others. True teachers of God minister from the wellsprings of life—both heavenly and earthly—as inspired by the Holy Spirit. There is great value in exposing our hearts and minds to their message, for they have been set in the Body of Christ for our edification.

It has been my privilege to know the Reverend Percy Gutteridge as a warm and personal friend for several years. He is one of God’s gifted teachers who ministers from a life of a faith well-proven in experience. I have recognized the mantle of the Spirit upon his life not only from the fruit of his public teaching ministry, but from many profitable hours we have spent together in personal fellowship around the truth of God’s Word. It was a most enriching experience which I realized needed to be shared in a more extensive way with the family of God. For this reason it is with personal joy and satisfaction that I write the foreword to this book, which in God’s will I trust may be the first of many more.

—Robert C. Frost—

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