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Our Great Savior God: Percy Gutteridge

Our Great Savior God
an Audio Bible-Teaching Message

Percy Gutteridge

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In this message, titled

Our Great Savior God,
Pastor Gutteridge draws from

Titus 2:13

and unfolds the person and work of our Lord Jesus Christ as the Great Savior God in His works of Creation and full salvation.

This audio message is also available as the second podcast in the new Grains from Gutteridge
podcast series.  See the Kernels of Wheat website for details and subscribe through iTunes, Zune, Blackberry,
or any RSS/podcast aggregator.

Thanks to Brian Fettes for the original digital conversion.

An written article created from an edited transcript of this audio message is also available on this website under the same
title—Our Great Savior God.


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