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From Desolation to Paradise: Percy Gutteridge

From Desolation to Paradise
an Audio Bible-Teaching Message

Percy Gutteridge

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“It’s a revival!”  Or so we’re told by many in the modern church as they describe
manmade phenomena generated from a fabric of hype, credulity, and marketing.  Pastor Percy Gutteridge shares God’s
principles for true, spiritual revival from

Genesis 2:1-17


Ezekiel 36:25-38

in his message, From Desolation to Paradise.

This message is also available as the first podcast in the new Grains from Gutteridge
podcast series.  See the Kernels of Wheat website for details and subscribe through iTunes, Zune, Blackberry,
or any RSS/podcast aggregator.

(Thanks to Brian Fettes for the original digital conversion.)


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