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Faith Is Substance: Introduction

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This book does not fly the flag of any denominational allegiance, nor is the writer prepared to break a lance on behalf of any sect or party. He has a deep concern to share with all truth-seekers what he has discovered through much spiritual travail in his sincere attempt to walk in the light, as it has been revealed to him. At the request of many thoughtful and loving people, this book has been penned so that there could be a more permanent form to the spoken word. Chief amongst these friendly people was Dr. Robert Frost who most graciously consented to write the foreword, but this does not put him under obligation to agree with the book’s conclusions.

We will ask John Bunyan to be so kind as to lend us a part of his introduction to his immortal allegory, the Pilgrim’s Progress. Here it is:

“Thus I set pen to paper with delight,
And quickly had my thoughts in black and white,
For having now my method by the end,
Still as I pull’d it came; and so I penn’d
It down; until at last it came to be
For length and breadth, the bigness which you see…

…If that thou wilt not read, let it alone;
Some love the meat, some love to pick the bone…

…You see the ways the fisherman doth take
To catch the fish, what engines he doth make,
Yet fish there be that neither hook, nor line,
Nor snare, nor net, nor engine can make thine;
They must be groped for, and be tickled too,
Or they will not be catch’d whate’er you do….

Now may the Little Book a blessing be
To those that love this Little Book and me;
And may its buyer have no cause to say
His money is but lost or thrown away…

…Wouldst read thyself?  O then, come hither
And lay my book, thy head and heart together.”

Percy Gutteridge

Copyright © 1975, 2002

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