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Studies in the Book of Joshua – Message #1: Percy Gutteridge

Moses Is Dead—
Rise Up and Possess the Land!
the first of five messages in a series entitled
Studies in the Book of Joshua

Percy Gutteridge

The Book of Joshua holds the secret of Christian victory.  The Land of Canaan represents
the place of progress for the Christian walking in the Spirit, in His comfort and power
and holiness.  It is the land of faith where, unlike the desert of bondage to the Law,
we walk in disciplined freedom refreshed by showers from Heaven.

Spiritual Canaan is the birthright of every believing Christian through the indwelling
of the Holy Spirit.  Canaan is a figure of spiritual possession for this life,
not one for the world to come.

(Special thanks to Fellowship member Brian Fettes
for his motivation and generosity to get the original Joshua tape series digitized,
along with a tip of the hat to Myles Pavelich at
AudioAnalogy Musicworks Canada.)

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