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Wise Men Seeking Jesus

James T. East

Wise men seeking Jesus traveled from afar,
Guided in their journey by a wond’rous star.

But if we desire Him, He is close at hand,
For our native country is our holy land.

Prayerful souls may find Him by our quiet lakes,
Meet Him on our hillsides when the dawning breaks

In our fertile wheat fields where the sheaves are bound,
In our busy markets Jesus may be found.

Fishermen talk with Him by the deep blue sea
As the first disciples did by Galilee.

Every peaceful village in our land might be
Made by Jesus’ Presence like sweet Bethany.

He is more near us if we love Him well,
For He seeketh ever in our hearts to dwell.1


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  1. Percy Gutteridge quotes this entire poem as a conclusion to his message The Gospel of the Glory.
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