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“What’s the Context?” Course 1

The Course in Audio or Video

Image of a hand opening a Bible, from Photo by James Coleman on Unsplash.comWhat is the context of what we're reading?1

Whether it goes by its old name —”Hermeneutics I” — or the newer, more popular name of What's the Context?, this course has been the springboard for a growing number of church leaders and hungry Christians to start enjoying the blessings that come from a lifelong commitment to reading through the Bible annually.

“What’s the Context?” as it was shared in Iowa

To listen to the five-part series as it was delivered at the Iowa Holiness Association in June 2018, here are the file links (which can either be downloaded or streamed):

“What’s the Context?” as it was shared on radio

Jim Kerwin sharing on the 'Pilgrim's Progress' broadcast.Jim sharing “What's the Context?”
on WAVA-AM 7802

Every once in a while, our friends Ray and Alexandra Greenley from NationalPrayerChapel.com (NPC) need a break from their live, weekday radio broadcast on WAVA-AM 780 in the Washington, D.C. area. Jim usually gets tapped as their guest host, as he did in this series of August 2018 programs. He's happy to fill in… but with reservations. You see, NPC insists on live-streaming from the broadcast studio to YouTube, and then making the streamed broadcasts part of their permanent YouTube channel content. Jim supposedly has a good voice for radio (so he's been told), but he also explains, “Yes, and I have a face that's made for radio, too.” Nevertheless, we think you'll be blessed by these links to the five programs' worth of shownotes, audio, and YouTube videos on the NPC website links below:


Image Credits:

  1. Underlying image of a hand opening the Bible is is by James Coleman and used by permission of Unsplash.com. James Coleman
  2. Photo of Jim at the WAVA-AM mic is courtesy of National Prayer Chapel.