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We Give Thanks – 2015

We Give Thanks with Hymns of Gratefulness

We give thanks to God for a fruitful year!

We give thanks to God for a fruitful year!

If you're too busy to be thankful to God for all of His blessings, then you're too busy!  We of Finest of the Wheat Teaching Fellowship are grateful to God for a fruitful year that saw us ministering in Guatemala, Romania, Czech Republic, and central Virginia.  We were blessed to be “about our Father's business” — Kingdom Business!

We're also grateful for our newly redesigned Finest of the Wheat website. There are still a lot of “rough edges” to fix; after all, around 500 pages were transitioned from a static-code site to a WordPress CMS (Content Management System). Remember what your “new” residence looked like the evening the moving men drove off in their truck? Boxes everywhere, key items temporarily “lost,” windows needing curtains — it takes a few weeks to get it all sorted out. We'll have the website “all sorted out” by the end of December, Lord willing, so please bear with us!

Newly added to our Thanksgiving offering is an enlightening message from Pastor Percy Gutteridge on The Law of the Firstfruits, the scriptural foundation on which the holiday is based. As of today (15 November 2015) it is the latest in our Grains from Gutteridge podcast series.

We offer the following thanksgiving hymns from our storehouse of Powerful Poetry, the better to share with you worthy expressions of appreciation to God our Provider and Father:

Credits: Image licensed from 123RF Stock Photo.

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