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They Who Know the Savior

Leila Naylor Morris
(Mrs. C. H. Morris)

They who know the Savior shall in Him be strong,
Mighty in the conflict of the right ’gainst wrong.
This the blessed promise given in God’s Word,
Doing wondrous exploits, they who know the Lord.

Victory! victory! blessed blood-bought victory,
Victory! victory! vict’ry all the time;
As Jehovah liveth, strength divine He giveth
Unto those who know Him, vict’ry all the time.

In the midst of battle be not thou dismayed,
Though the powers of darkness ’gainst thee are arrayed.
God, thy strength, is with thee, causing thee to stand;
Heaven’s allied armies wait at thy command.

Brave to bear life’s testing, strong the foe to meet,
Walking like a hero midst the furnace heat,
Doing wondrous exploits with the Spirit’s sword,
Winning souls for Jesus—praise, O praise the Lord!1


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  1. This entire song is quoted by Percy Gutteridge in The Life and Growth of Faith.
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