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The Waiting Prince

John Wright Follette

For unto us is born…
…the Prince of Peace

Isaiah 9:6

The hills are still standing where shepherds were watching
Their flocks ’neath the stars of a heaven hung low,
Where angelic choirs brought music celestial
Whose echoes still reach us though sung long ago.
The shepherds believing the message thus brought them
Made haste to the manger and found resting there
The Word, now incarnate, to live out the message;
God’s gift to all nations, so sinless and fair.

The message was cheering, so full of good tidings
Of peace and good will to be taught in His name.
However they stayed not to tell forth the story,
But made haste to find Him with hearts set aflame.
If peace were forthcoming, the Prince must be honored;
No peace could they teach but the peace that He brings.
The efforts without Him are futile and fruitless.
The world needs the Prince and the message He brings.

The hills are still standing and man is still warring.
Still greater the need of the world’s tragic lot.
The angels still sing it, the Prince is still waiting.
The nations are blinded and honor Him not.
Lip service is given and programs are plotted.
The terms sound humane and man’s work looks so strong.
But the Prince is not welcome. His name is not mentioned.
O, nations, ye strive so! how long, O how long?


Wreath and bell image, used under license from www.123rf.com (profile_katisa/123RF Stock Photo)

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Image credit: Copyright: profile_katisa/123RF Stock Photo
Used under license
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