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“New Testament Holiness,” Chapter 9 – “Perfect Love” (by Thomas Cook)

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Perfect Love
an unabridged audio recording of
Chapter 9 of the book
New Testament Holiness
Thomas Cook
read by Marc Adams

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With the kind permission of


Finest of the Wheat Teaching Fellowship presents the audio-book version of Evangelist
Thomas Cook’s spiritual classic, New Testament Holiness.  The reader is
Marc Adams of Revival Classics.  In chapter 9 of New Testament Holiness,
we discover that holiness is not merely the eradication of the sin nature.  More than the removal
of the negative, true holiness is the inworking and outworking of God’s love,
as Thomas Cook explains in his chapter

Perfect Love.

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Other Resources:

  • Audiobook copies of New Testament Holiness on CD may be purchased from


  • Also, printed, bound copies of New Testament Holiness may be purchased from


    in either:

    • Standard paperback format; or,
    • Special, spiral-bound study edition.
  • An online version of New Testament Holiness, with notes by Pastor Jim Kerwin,
    is also available on our own Finest of the Wheat website.  Here is the link to

    Chapter 9: Perfect Love.

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