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March: Packing It Up!

Easter Sunday 2024

Emptying a Home of Stuff and Memories

Dear Friend,

Image of a two-story houseNow it's just a happy memory…
and an empty shell.

This will be a very SHORT newsletter (with probably just one graphic), because March was a very LONG month of mind-numbing 12-hour days devoted to sorting, donating, discarding, and packing our entire household. (Even though the packing ultra-marathon is over, I still dream all night about packing and taping and moving boxes. Only when I awaken can I convince myself the job is done. ☺)

With some timely help from a few friends, and with massive, daily energizing from the Lord, we just barely managed to meet our Good Friday deadline for signing over our house to its new owners.

God supplied so many ways – as the need arose, each day, He provided what was needed! He even connected us with committed, God-loving Christians to bring us help. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!

Thank you for your prayers and your encouragement! Thank you to those of you who kept our spirits up by phone calls, texts, and emails. Special thanks to Jennifer West, Phyllis Lowry, and especially our tenacious, indefatigable neighbor, Donna Collins, for their labors of love in helping us pack. More thanks goes to Phyllis for hosting us in her lovely home since the day all of our furniture was packed away in Pods.

This past Friday, about 30 minutes after the property had passed out of our hands legally, Denise and I stood in front of the home which had been ours for almost 34 years. We thanked God for His miraculous provision back in 1990, which allowed us to buy it in the first place. We thanked Him for the many blessings we had experienced while living there. And…

…well, without trying to sound morbid, I realized that our parting scene was a little parable. I could imagine the day of my death (no, it’s not imminent, as far as I know). In the same way we were standing outside the empty house which had been filled with our goods and our lives, my soul will be outside of my body some day. Perhaps in the same way I shall have the opportunity to turn around, see the empty “house” in which I lived, thank God for all the years He allowed me to experience earthly life and serve Him in “an earthen vessel.” Then, by His grace, I’ll leave it behind and happily shove off for Heaven.

We’ll be “shoving off” for Florida in a few days. Everything should be in order legally and financially. But Friday was Good Friday, and so not all of the financial entities were open for business. We’ll wait to see that everything is recorded and transferred correctly, and then we’ll be on our way to God’s next adventure for us.

No, nothing got published this month. No, I don’t yet have tickets for the end-of-April Guatemala trip; I’ll purchase those in Florida once we arrive there later in the week. While we were sealing up boxes with endless kilometers of packing tape, the Lord has been giving me the outline points of what I’ll be teaching on at the Guatemala pastors’ conference. (No, we don’t have a home in Florida yet, but we have the privilege of staying with our daughter’s family in the interim.) More on those items next month.

Yes, we’re excited for all God is leading us into. After a few nights of normal sleep, we’ll even be energetically excited and ready for the new life and ministry God has for us!

May God’s love and blessing be upon you as you lift Him up in your life each day.

Much love in Jesus,


P.S.: New Fellowship Address:

Finest of the Wheat Teaching Fellowship
P.O. Box 414
Middleburg, FL 32050-0414

Don’t worry if you’ve sent something recently to the old Chesapeake post office box address. Forwarding to the new Florida post office box is supposed to be automatic through August.

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