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Jim Kerwin’s Itinerary

Jim's Teaching Schedule

Infinite clock, licensed from 123RF.com

Lord willing, Jim has committed to the following ministry engagements and projects:

    • Translation: November 2021: Publication (online and on Kindle) of Logos & Rhema (a translation of Pastor Percy Gutteridge’s message Logos & Rhema).
    • Honduras: rescheduled: 1st Quarter 2022(?)
    • El Salvador: rescheduled: (probably same trip as Honduras trip)
    • North Florida Theological Seminary:
    • Guatemala: rescheduled: May 20-30, 2022
      • Annual Pastors' Conference: May 26-28, 2022
    • Perú: rescheduled: dates TBA

Other trips are being prayerfully considered (including Romania and venues in the United States); but any dates not specifically mentioned above may be considered “open. Contact the webmaster for more information, if desired.