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Jim Kerwin’s Itinerary

Jim's Teaching Schedule

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Lord willing, Jim has committed to the following ministry engagements and projects:

    • Middleburg, Florida: April 20, 2019
      • 4/20/19: Teach at North Florida Theological Seminary
      • 4/21/19 Resurrection Sunday: Preach at Morningstar Family Church
    • Guatemala: May 15-28, 2019: Annual Pastors' Retreat
      • Tentative topic: The Epistle of 1 Peter
      • Ministry in various ISPI churches
    • Perú: May 28-June 15, 2019
      • Lima: Topics will include:
        • Hermeneutics III — Woman in the Kingdom of God, Part 2.
        • Holiness & Sanctification
      • Chancay: Topics will include Hermeneutics I — What's the Context? (Hermeneutics I)
      • Jicamarca: Topics will include Hermeneutics II — Woman in the Kingdom of God, Part 1.
      • Tingo María: Topics will include — What's the Context? (Hermeneutics I)
      • Huánuco: Topics will include Hermeneutics III — Woman in the Kingdom of God, Part 2.
    • Honduras: August 20-September 3, 2019

      • Minister to pastors, leaders, and “elephant eaters” in Yoro, Tegucigalpa, and Trojes (the latter a new venue).
    • Early autumn: Romania? Stay tuned…
    • Winter 2019-2020: Cuba?
    • 2020: University Park, Iowa: June 14-19: Iowa Holiness Association Annual Camp Meeting.
      • Jim will be serving as the Camp Meeting Bible Teacher for the week. Topic: TBA.
      • Also, rumor has it that Isaiah Reid will appear again in the evening meetings.

Other trips are being prayerfully considered (including Bolivia, Romania, Spain, and El Salvador); but any dates not specifically mentioned above may be considered “open.” Contact the webmaster for more information, if desired.