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Jim Kerwin’s Schedule

The Ministry Schedule

Infinite clock, licensed from 123RF.com

Lord willing, Jim has committed to the following ministry engagements and projects:

  • September: Ministry in various locations in the Middleburg, Florida area, especially including:
    • Bible teaching at Christian Faith Center on September 13, 20, 27 and (possibly) October 4.
  • Last quarter of 2023: Lord willing, move “lock, stock, and barrel” from Virginia to Florida
  • March 2024: Pastor / Leader conferences in Honduras. Dates TBD.
  • May 2024:
    • Teaching visit to Guatemala, May 18-31
    • Guatemala Pastors’ Retreat: TDB

Other trips are being prayerfully considered; but any dates not specifically mentioned above may be considered “open. Contact the webmaster for more information, if desired.