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Jesus Hath Died That I Might Live

Charles Wesley

Jesus hath died that I might live,
Might live to God alone;
In Him eternal life receive,
And be in spirit one.

Savior, I thank Thee for the grace,
The gift unspeakable,
And wait with arms of faith to embrace,
And all Thy love to feel.

My soul breaks out in strong desire
The perfect bliss to prove;
My longing heart is all on fire
To be dissolved in love.1

Give me Thyself; from every boast,
From every wish set free;
Let all I am in Thee be lost;
But give Thyself to me.

Thy gifts, alas, cannot suffice
Unless Thyself be given;
Thy presence makes my paradise,
And where Thou art is heaven!


Lyre and Wreath, used under license from www.123rf.com (santi0103/123RF Stock Photo)

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Image credit: Copyright: santi0103/123RF Stock Photo
Used under license
  1. This third stanza is quoted by John Wesley in A Plain Account of Christian Perfection: Part 2.
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