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Jesus, Guard Thy Gathered Sheep

This entry is part 6 of 11 in the series Hymns for the Watch-Night

Hymns for the Watch-Night (#6)

Charles Wesley
John Wesley

Jesus, guard Thy gathered sheep
Who Thy voice begin to know,
Day and night in safety keep,
Help us after Thee to go.
Eyeing Thee with fixed regard,
By Thy word and Spirit led,
Walk we in Thy works prepared,
Close in all Thy footsteps tread.

In the pilgrimage with men
(Objects of Thy constant care),
Thou didst all their grief sustain,
Lab’ring, watching unto prayer;
Thou whole nights in prayer didst spend
On the mount for us employed,
Prompt the helpless to defend,
Prevelant with man and God.

By no private wants compelled,
Only love inspired Thy breast,
Love Thy steady hand upheld,
Love enforced the kind request;
And shall we refuse to join,
We who all the good receive,
Reap the fruit of toil divine,
By the prayer of Jesus live?

Nay, but in Thy strength we rise,
Nightly to the mountain go,
Breathe our wishes to the skies
For the sleeping crowds below;
Pray, my watchful brethren, pray,
Full of wants and sins and fears,
Wrestle ’til the break of day,
’Til the saving grace appears.

Jesus, hear our midnight cry,
Execute Thy love’s design;
Bring Thy great salvation night,
Claim a ransomed world for Thine;
Take the purchase of Thy blood
(Blood that speaks our sins forgiven);
Let it bring us near to God,
Let it pray us up to heaven!


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