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Jesus, God of Our Salvation

This entry is part 5 of 11 in the series Hymns for the Watch-Night

Hymns for the Watch-Night (#5)

Charles Wesley
John Wesley

Jesus, God of our salvation,
Give us eyes Thyself to see,
Waiting for the consolation,
Longing to believe on Thee.
Now vouchsafe Thy sacred power,
Now the faith divine impart;
Meet us in this solemn hour,
Shine in every drooping heart.

Anna-like within in the temple,
Simeon-like we meekly stay,
Daily with Thy saints assemble,
Nightly for Thy coming pray;
While our souls are bowed before Thee,
While we humbly sue for grace,
Come, Thy people’s light and glory,
Show to all Thy heavenly face.

If to us Thy sacred Spirit
Hath the future grace revealed,
Let us by Thy righteous merit
Now receive our pardon sealed;
To eternal life appointed,
Let us Thy salvation see,
Now behold the Lord’s anointed,
Now obtain our heaven in Thee.


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