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Jesu, Thou Strength of All That Turn

Charles Wesley

Jesu, Thou Strength of all that turn
The battle to the gate,
Behold us for Thy glory burn,
And for Thy kingdom wait.

O that Thy foes were all subdued,
In bonds of love confined,
And forced to own th’ all-cleansing blood,
That flow’d for all mankind.

Captain of our salvation, hear,
Savior of human race,
Appear, in Thy own cause appear,
And vindicate Thy grace.

Thy grace for all divinely free
Doth every sinner call;
Thou drawest all men unto Thee,
For Thou hast purchased all.

Lo! here we are, Thy truth to prove,
To witness Thou art good,
To’ assert Thine universal love,
And all-redeeming blood.

Thy blood from all iniquity
Redeems, and makes us clean;
From pride, and wrath, it sets us free,
From all indwelling sin.

The Spirit’s living law it writes
Upon our inward parts,
Our new-born souls to God unites,
And purifies our hearts.

It keeps our mind in perfect peace,
Thy kingdom it brings in,
Thine everlasting righteousness,
And makes an end of sin.

This sovereign antidote expels
The poison from our veins;
Our old congenial sickness heals,
And purges all our stains.

A perfect soundness it imparts,
Destroys the carnal mind,
And forms in all believing hearts
The Savior of mankind.

Come O Thou Lamb, for sinners slain,
Bring in the cleansing flood;
Apply, to wash out every stain,
Thine efficacious blood.

O let it sink into our soul
Deep as the inbred sin,
Make every wounded spirit whole,
And every leper clean.

Thy sanctifying word is sure;
Lord, we our sins confess,
Faithful and Just, O make us pure
From all unrighteousness.1

Such power belongeth unto Thee,
Thy saying we receive;
We shall be pure in heart, and see
Thy smiling face, and live.

Lord, we believe, and with calm zeal
For this our faith contend,
Waiting till Thou Thyself reveal,
And hoping to the end.

Our high, and holy calling’s prize
We earnestly pursue;
Nor fear we, lest our thoughts should rise,
Above what Thou canst do.

Thy goodness, O all-gracious Lord,
Is equal to Thy power;
And we shall try Thy utmost word,
And we shall sin no more.

Thou willest, and it must be done,
That we should holy be;
And we shall live to Thee alone,
And we shall die to Thee.


Lyre and Wreath, used under license from www.123rf.com (santi0103/123RF Stock Photo)

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Image credit: Copyright: santi0103/123RF Stock Photo
Used under license
  1. John Wesley treats the 11th and 12th verses as though were one when he quotes them in A Plain Account of Christian Perfection: Part 2.
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