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Infinite, Unexhausted Love

Charles Wesley

Infinite, unexhausted Love!
Jesus and love are one!
If still to me Thy mercies move,
They are restrained to none.

What shall I do, my God to love,
My loving God to praise?
The length, and breadth, and height to prove,
And depth of sovereign grace?

Thy sovereign grace to all extends,
Immense and unconfined;
From age to age it never ends—
It reaches all mankind.

Throughout the world its breadth is known,
Wide as infinity;
So wide it never passed by one,
Or it had passed by me.

My trespass was grown up to heaven;
But far above the skies,
In Christ abundantly forgiven,
I see Thy mercies rise.

The depth of all-redeeming love
What angel-tongue can tell?
O may I to the utmost prove
The gift unspeakable!1

Deeper than hell, it plucked me thence;
Deeper than inbred sin,
Jesus’s love my heart shall cleanse
When Jesus enters in.

Come quickly, gracious Lord, and take
Possession of Thine own;
My longing heart vouchsafe to make
Thine everlasting throne!

Assert Thy claim, receive Thy right,
Come quickly from above,
And sink me to perfection’s height,
The depth of humble love.



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  1. The second through sixth stanzas are quoted by Percy Gutteridge in The Inheritance of Faith.
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