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Holy Ghost, We Bid Thee Welcome

Leila Naylor Morris
(Mrs. C. H. Morris)

Holy Ghost, we bid Thee welcome.
Source of life and power Thou art;
Promise of our heavenly Father,
Now thrice welcome to my heart.

Welcome, welcome, welcome.
Holy Ghost we welcome Thee;
Come in power and fill Thy temple—
Holy Ghost, we welcome Thee.1

Here like empty earthen vessels,
Lying at the Master’s feet,
Small but clean thro’ Jesus’ merit,
Wait till Thou Thy work complete.

Come like dew from heaven falling,
Come like spring’s refreshing shower;
Holy Ghost, for Thee we’re calling.
Come in all Thy quickening power.

Hearts are open to receive Thee,
Tho’ we’ve griev’d Thee o’er and o’er.
Holy Ghost, we greatly need Thee,
Come, abide for evermore.



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  1. This chorus is quoted by Percy Gutteridge in both The Holy Spirit as Fire and The Holy Spirit as Oil.
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