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Grains from Gutteridge #27

Grains from Gutteridge for December:
Holiness: The Preparation for His Coming


Listen to 'Holiness: The Preparation for His Coming'

The Preparation
for His Coming

We've just released a powerful, unusual, and thought-provoking Advent message by Pastor Percy Gutteridge. Is it really an Advent message? Well, yes — sort of. It was delivered as the last in a series of several Advent messages. But it's about the Second Advent, that is, the Second Coming of Jesus, not the first.

More importantly, it's about what God longs to do for and in us in order to prepare us both for the Coming of Jesus and for dwelling in God's presence forever. What's the key? Holiness: The Preparation for His Comingepisode #27 of our Grains from Gutteridge podcast.

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