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God Is Ever Good


…the goodness of God endureth continually. — Psalm 52:1 (KJV)

Whene’er I tred the highway
Or pass through leafy wood,
Methinks I hear a murmur,
“God is ever good!”

He careth for the songsters
And daily gives them food;
I think I hear them singing,
“God is ever good!”

To earth He sent the Savior!
(We wonder how He could)
To bear our sins and sorrows;
God is ever good.

Whene’er I count my blessings
And thank Him as I should,
My soul cries out in rapture,
“God is ever good!”

Whene’er I pass through trials,
And trust Him as I should,
My heart s filled with glory:
God is ever good.

When I have crossed the River,
And on the Shore have stood,
I still shall sing His praises—
“God is ever good!”

Special thanks to Fellowship member Wanda Hughes for submitting this poem


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