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Give the First to Jesus


Give the first to Jesus—childhood’s golden prime,
Precious buds unfolding fruit for aftertime;
Give the heart's first service, give the early days,
Ringing out glad music to the Savior’s praise.

First and last, and always,
Be His claim confessed;
Active, loving service
Makes the whole life blest.

Give the best to Jesus—bright, strong years of youth;
Spend life’s joyous springtime in the paths of truth:
Work waits all around you; Jesus claims your powers;
Serve with willing service through the morning hours.

Give the whole to Jesus, as it flits away—
Youth’s impulsive moments, manhood’s sober day:
Radiant morn and noonday melt in eventide;
Work is crowned with glory at the Savior’s side.


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