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All Thanks to the Lamb

Charles Wesley

All thanks to the Lamb, Who gives us to meet!
His love we proclaim, His praises repeat;
We own Him our Jesus, continually near
To pardon and bless us and perfect us here.

In Him we have peace, in Him we have power,
Preserved by His grace throughout the dark hour,
In all our temptation He keeps us to prove
His utmost salvation, His fullness of love.

Through pride and desire unhurt we have gone,
Through water and fire in Him we went on;
The world and the devil through Him we o’ercame,
Our Savior from evil, forever the same.

When we would have spurned His mercy and grace,
To Egypt returned, and fled from His face,
He hindered our flying (His goodness to show),
And stopped us by crying, “Will ye also go?”

O what shall we do our Savior to love?
To make us anew, come, Lord, from above.
The fruit of Thy passion, Thy holiness give,
Give us the salvation of all that believe.

Pronounce the glad word, and bid us be free!
Ah! hast Thou not, Lord, a blessing for me?
The peace Thou hast given this moment impart,
And open Thy heaven of love in my heart.1

Come, Jesus, and loose the stammerer’s tongue,
And teach even us the spiritual song;
Let us without ceasing give thanks for Thy grace,
And glory, and blessing, and honor, and praise.


Lyre and Wreath, used under license from www.123rf.com (santi0103/123RF Stock Photo)

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Image credit: Copyright: santi0103/123RF Stock Photo
Used under license
  1. The 2nd and 6th stanzas are quoted by John Wesley in A Plain Account of Christian Perfection: Part 2.
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