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22 Down, 15 to Go as We Go to Peru

Not Too Hurried to Be Thankful!

Yes, we're time-crunch busy in getting ready to leave for Perú next week, and, yes, more funding for that trip would be a blessing, and, yes, I need to be spending time on preparation of our new teaching modules. (Sleep is overrated anyhow, right?)


The three books in the Bible-study set for Quilalí pastors, Spanish versions of Strong's Concordance, Matthew Henry's Commentary and a Bible dictionary.

The three books in the Bible-study set for Quilalí pastors

How can we go running off to Perú in nine days without expressing a profound THANK YOU to all of you who have given towards the Quilalí pastors' reference book project?! If you'll recall, I shared about this back in July when I wrote about The Sacred Treasure House Initiative. (Check that link for the background.)

There are 37 pastors (representing over 50 churches, since not a few are responsible for more than one church), in the region of Quilalí, Nicaragua who don't have basic Bible-study tools in Spanish. And by basic, I mean:

  • A Strong's Concordance for simple look-up and elementary word studies in Hebrew and Greek;
  • An illustrated Bible dictionary for background. (Who were the Assyrians? Where's Jericho? What's an ephod? When did Solomon reign?)
  • A one-volume commentary to shed a little light on difficult Bible passages.

To the best of my knowledge, none of these brothers has been to Bible school, but they all are responsible for the souls of their flocks and for evangelism in their towns and villages. Getting these study tools in their hands (your part, through giving) and training them how to use them (our part, through teaching) is one of the best investments we can make together.

The Role Call of Honor

Pastor Norlan Uriel Avila Huete

Pastor Norlan Ávila in Quilalí, Nicaragua with two new study books

Jesus indicated that “the right hand shouldn't know what the left hand is doing” when it comes to giving, mainly so the honor goes to God and not to any of us. But I don't think it would hurt to share where the designated gifts received so far have come from:

  • 5 sets from a couple in Texas
  • 2 sets from a couple in Virginia
  • 3 sets from a small (but missions-minded!) church out near Charlottesville, Virginia
  • 1 set from a couple in Virginia
  • 1.5 sets from individuals in Canada
  • 1 set from a couple in Oregon
  • 4 sets from a couple in California
  • 1 set from another couple in California
  • 1 set from from a couple in Montana
  • 1.25 sets from other smaller cash donations (Virginia)

Add to that list 2 sets I left behind when I visited Quilalí this year. That makes for a total of over 22 (almost 23) complete sets of reference books for the Quilalí area pastors! That's about 60% of the funds we need to pass on to the Nicaraguan Bible Society in mid-December. (They can't guarantee the $105-per-set price past then.)

So praise the Lord! And thank you for your encouraging response. We need just 15 more $105 sets, or about $1,575, so that no pastor walks away empty handed during my next visit.

That means we're 60% of the way to the finish line. Will you please pray and ask the Lord if He would have you help these ministers of the Gospel with basic study materials through our Sacred Treasure House Initiative? Please help us finish the race well! Thank you! Click here to make a contribution. (Our Canadian brethren can donate through the non-profit WorldWideMissions Canada organization. Please choose “Finest of the Wheat Teaching Fellowship” on the drop-down menu.)

Teaching meeting in Quilalí, Nicaragua

Some of the leaders attending the teaching sessions in Quilalí

Pleading for Plenty of Prayer

It would be wonderful to have the remaining gifts come in before we return on November 16th from our ministry trip to Perú. But besides the pastors' study books, please cover us in prayer on these points:

Sue & Al Strickland

Al Strickland with his wife Sue  (Note: This trip will separate them on their 54th anniversary. Click on the photo for a great interview with them from their 50th anniversary!)

  • Our own “bionic man” Al Strickland leaves today on a two-week missions trip to Romania, where he will help supervise the renovation of a Christian retreat center. His trip requires three flights there and three back, not to mention a two-hour commute from/to the airport in Timisoara. He returns October 30th.
  • Denise and I head out for Perú on Wednesday October 25th for a three-week trip. There'll be two flights down, two back, and two more round-trip flights within Perú itself, for a total of eight times in the air. Plus travel on the ground, of course.
  • We're off to Perú!

    In Perú, we have 12 straight days of teaching without a break. Often while teaching on the field I've experienced a noticeable empowering and “recharging”; and I know some of you are praying for me. Please don't quit now! 😉 We both will need an extra impartation of energy! And please pray for good health while we're there.

  • Next year's schedule is coming together and seems a bit challenging: Honduras – March; Nicaragua – April; Guatemala – May; Iowa – June; and El Salvador in July?? We need God's perfect timing and full supply for each of these trips.

Thanks for being part of the prayer and support team!

Please help these Nicaraguan pastors through our Sacred Treasure House Initiative.

Much love in Jesus,


Credits: Shot of Pastor Norlan courtesy of Fred Juarbe. Map of Perú courtesy of Operation World.

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  • Jim Kerwin October 17, 2017, 6:53 pm

    17 October 2017: It gets better! At noon local I received a note from a friend stating that he would match funds, set for set, for up to five sets of books. Since then, one gift has already arrived via Paypal and another is promised by check (from a woman who is always as good as her word) this Sunday. Since 2×2=4, the new score will be 26 Down and 11 to Go!

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